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About Us

This website is a continuing project that started with a stamp collection back in grade school. I collected stamps for a few years and then put the stamp albums away for decades. A while ago I bought some stamp mixtures on eBay and started looking at the albums again.

Aside from reminiscing about my old collection and filling in some of the empty spaces (nothing too expensive, but fun), I started looking up some of the events and people that were pictured on the stamps.  Many of them were obvious; Abraham Lincoln, the moon landing, World War II, etc., but many of them were more obscure.  Curious I started looking up the history on the stamps when I had a few minutes.  This turned out to be quite fun as many events such as some of the early exposition and events I had never heard of.  I made a few Hubpages about some of the stamps I liked, and then revised them to focus on all the commemorative stamps in a given year.

After a while I decided to expand the few pages into a full website, “US Stamp Stories”.  It will probably never be complete at the rate that new stamps are being produced, but hopefully any visitors will find the site enjoyable!