American Line Steamship Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1901

Pan-American Series: American Line Steamship Stamp

The ten cent American Line Steamship stamp was the final stamp issued in the Pan-American Exposition set.  Like the other stamps in the set, it was issued on May 1, 1901.  This stamp features the St. Paul, a steamship that was used to transport passengers and cargo across the ocean.  The ship was built in 1895 as a passenger liner, but in 1898 it was converted to wartime use by the Navy for the Spanish-American War.  After the war the ship was again used for passengers and cargo.

This stamp was used for letters that required both first class postage and the registered mail fee or postage for mail that required double the standard international rate.  It was also often used with other stamps to pay the postage on heavier or more expensive packages.  There are no known invert error copies of this stamp.

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