Bridge at Niagara Falls Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1901

Pan-American Series: Bridge at Niagara Falls Stamp

The first three stamps in the Pan-American Exposition set feature modes of transportation, but the fourth stamp, the five cent Bridge at Niagara Falls stamp displays the bridge that connected the two sides of the Niagara river about 500 feet north of the falls.  The bridge, known at the time as the Upper Steel Arch Bridge, Falls View Bridge or the Honeymoon Bridge was the longest single span bridge at the time and measured 840 feet.  Construction on the bridge was finished in 1898, only three years before the Pan-American Exposition and was considered a marvel of engineering.

The bridge remained in service until January 1938 when ice began piling up against the bridge during an ice storm.  After a few days, the huge mass of ice loose fell over the falls hitting the bridge’s supports.  The bridge collapsed soon after.  Fortunately, as the process took a number of days, the bridge had been closed down and no one was hurt.

The five cent stamp was used for standard international mail, less common than domestic mail and fewer of these stamps were printed.  Unlike the lower denomination stamps in the set, there are no known invert errors.

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