Electric Automobile Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1901

Pan-American Series: Electric Automobile Stamp

Issued on May 1, 1901, the third stamp in the Pan-American Exposition set shows an early electric car or brougham that was operated by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Washington, D.C. – the Capital Building can be seen in the background of the stamp.  This stamp paid double the two cents first class rate and was also used in conjunction with other stamps to pay postage for heavier packages as well as international mail.  As the stamp did not pay any common domestic postage rates, there were far fewer stamps produced (there were 35 two cent stamps printed for ever four cent stamp printed).

Similar to the one and two cent stamps, an inverted Pan-American Electric Automobile error stamp exists.  Unlike the other upside down stamps, the four cent stamp was deliberately printed by the Post Office.  Two sheets with a total of 400 inverted stamps were printed and 203 of these were given to visiting dignitaries and most have entered the stamp collecting market.  Even though they were not accidental stamp errors, they are extremely rare and sell for thousands of dollars.

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