Steam Locomotive Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1901

Pan-American Series: Steam Locomotive Stamp

Issued on May 1, 1901, the second stamp in the Pan-American Exposition set displays a steam locomotive.  These trains were the most common method of transporting freight throughout the United States and a critical factor in both the industrializing of eastern America and the settlement of the West.  The stamp displays the Empire State Express, one of the fastest trains of the time and used to transport passengers to the Pan-American Exposition itself.  This stamp was used to pay the standard first class rate and is the most common stamp of the series (over 200 million stamps were issued) as well as the least expensive.

Due to the at-the-time innovate bicolor stamp design and the necessity to make two print runs for each sheet, some sheets were run through the second pressing upside down.  The Pan-American Steam Locomotive invert stamp that was produced is very rare and sells for thousands of dollars.

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