Lexington-Concord Set: 2 Cent Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1925

Lexington-Concord Set: 2 Cent Stamp
The Battle of Lexington

The second stamp in the Lexington-Concord series was issued on April 4, 1925 along with the other two stamps.  The design was based on “Birth of Liberty” a famous painting by Henry Sandham and shows a somewhat stylized image of the Battle of Lexington.  This battle, along with the Battle of Concord represented the first actual armed conflict between the American Colonies and Britain and most historians consider these events as the beginning of the American Revolutionary War.

On April 19, 1775, the British moved into Concord, Massachusetts in an attempt to take military supplies that the colonists had stored in the town.  The colonists discovered that pending attack and moved the supplies to safer locations.  When the British army attacked, the colonial militia fought back.  Initially the colonists were forced to retreat, but when additional militia members joined the battle, they forced the British army back to Charlestown and Boston.  This event started the Siege of Boston.

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