Molly Pitcher / Battle of Monmouth Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1928

Molly Pitcher / Battle of Monmouth Stamp

Issued on October 20, 1928, this stamp commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey.  It also honors Molly Hays or Molly “Pitcher” who, as legend has it, supplied water to the Continental Army during the battle.

On June 28, 1778, General Washington and Major General Lee attacked the British in Monmouth, New Jersey.  This was to become the largest single day battle of the Revolutionary War.  The British army was larger and better trained than the Continental Army.  But after a long and hard battle, the Continental Army held off the British and eventually forced them to retreat back to New York.

According to legend, during the Battle of Monmouth, Mary Hayes accompanied her husband to the battlefield and during the battle, brought pitchers of water to the American troops as summer temperatures soared over 100 degrees.  When her husband was wounded, she took over his position at one of the army’s cannons.  After the battle she became known as “Molly Pitcher”.  As with most legends, none of it is confirmed, and some scholars feel that other women were the source of this legend.

The Postmaster General, Harold New did not feel that this event was important enough to warrant a commemorative.  Similar to the Hawaii Sesquicentennial stamps issued two months earlier, Harold New did agree to commemorate the event, but only as an overprinted definitive issue.  50 years later, in 1978, the Post Office issued a more interesting imprinted postcard commemorating the 200th anniversary of this event.

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