Valley Forge: 150th Anniversary Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1928

Valley Forge: 150th Anniversary

This stamp was issued on May 26, 1928 and commemorates the 150th anniversary of George Washington’s winter in Valley Forge with the newly formed Continental Army.

After a series of battles the Continental Army led by General George Washington made a long march to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  On December 19, 1777 they arrived.  The army was exhausted from skirmishes and poorly supplied.  During their encampment food and winter was in short supply and the army suffered losses from disease and exhaustion.

While the Continental Army wintered at Valley Forge it became a much more disciplined and formidable military organization.  Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, a former member of the Prussian Army taught the army the basics of military drills and discipline, improved camp organization and sanitation and by the time spring had arrived, the army was much better prepared to face the British.  Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was so admired for his ability that he wrote the Revolutionary War Drill manual that was used until 1812 and in 1930 he was honored with his own United States postage stamp.  After the winter of 1777 the Continental Army was much more successful in its battles with the British.

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