General Pulaski Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1931

General Pulaski Stamp

The General Pulaski stamp is a two cent red stamp that was issued on January 15, 1931 to memorialize the date that he fell in battle during the siege of Savanna in 1779.   Originally from Poland, Pulaski was a commander in the Bar Confederation, a group that fought against Russia’s control of Poland.  He was one of their best commanders during the conflict and gained experience that made him one of the Revolutionary War’s top commanders.   Although successful on the battlefield, he was accused of leading a kidnapping attempt against the King of Poland.  Although he was falsely accused, he had to flee Poland and go into hiding.

In He met Benjamin Franklin in France and was recruited to travel to America to help lead the continental forces.    His first command was in the Battle of Brandywine, and he performed so well that Washington promoted him to the rank of Brigadier General.   Although there were some conflicts with the troops regarding his limited English skills and different military styles, he continued to lead troops successfully in battle, most noticeably with the Pulaski Cavalry Legion, which he created.  In October 1779, General Pulaski was leading his troops during the siege of Savannah when he was shot.  He was taken off the battlefield, but his wounds proved fatal and he died a few days later.  A number of monuments were built in his honor, and many still stand today.

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