Byrd Antarctic Expedition II Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1933

Byrd Antarctic Expedition II Stamp

A classic of United States postage stamps, the Byrd Antarctic Expedition II stamp was released on October 9, 1933 at the Philatelic Agency in Washington, D.C. 

The Byrd Arctic Expedition II stamp has a unique history.  President Roosevelt, who was an avid stamp collector, designed a rough sketch of the stamp that the post office developed into the final design.  Unlike the majority of United States stamps issued until the recent semi-postal stamps, this stamp was designed not for the payment of fees on standard mail, but as a fundraiser for the Byrd Expedition. 

Letters with this stamp could be sent with the expedition to be canceled in Antarctica at the temporary “Little America” post office.  There was a fifty cents surcharge for this, with the money going towards funding the expedition.  Fortunately for stamp collectors, although the stamp was sold only in Washington, D.C., it was also considered a normal stamp and could be used to pay the standard three cent fee for first class mail.

This same design was used for a six stamp souvenir sheet that was issued in 1934 as well as full sheets of the souvenir sheet that was issued later on.  A number of different “pair” varieties of the uncut sheet exist, giving stamp collectors a great deal of variations of the Byrd Arctic Expedition stamp to collect.

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