Georgia Settlement Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1933

Georgia Settlement: 200th Anniversary Stamp

The first US stamp issued in 1933 was the Georgia Bicentennial stamp that was released on February 12, 1933.  This stamp commemorates the landing of General James Oglethorpe at Savannah and the establishment of the first British settlement in what would become the colony and later the state of Georgia.  The colony of Georgia was first established with prisoners from debtor’s prisons and Protestants who were persecuted on the European continent as a way to prevent the Spanish settlements in Florida to move into the territory north of Florida.  In addition the British settlement, General Oglethorpe negotiated with the local Indian tribes and established a line of forts to the South.  Although there were some skirmishes and battles with the Spanish, the British were victorious and the territory above Florida remained in British hands.

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