Acadia National Park Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1934

Acadia National Park Stamp

The Acadia National Park stamp was issued on October 2, 1934 as part of the ten stamp National Parks issue.  This black seven cent stamp was popular with stamp collectors as were all the stamps in the series.

Acadia National Park is located on the coast of Maine and also includes a few islands including Isle au Haut, Mount Desert Island and some smaller islands.  The park is known for its mountains, varied shorelines and forests.  Originally the area was inhabited by the Wabanaki, a Native American tribe.  The first European to visit the area was Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer.

President Woodrow Wilson established the Sieur de Monts national monument in 1916 at the urging of John D. Rockefeller who had a summer house in the region.  It became Lafayette National park in 1919.  A decade later, in 1929, the name was changed again to Acadia National Park.

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