Byrd Antarctic Expedition II Souvenir Sheet

US Postage Stamps: 1934

Byrd Antarctic Expedition II Souvenir Sheet
National Stamp Exhibition of 1934

The original Byrd Antarctic Expedition II stamp was issued in 1933.  On February 10, 1934 an imperforate souvenir sheet was also issued.  The souvenir sheet was ungummed and featured six Byrd Antarctic Expedition II stamps.  The original 1933 stamp was issued to raise funds for the expedition, It  was considered a normal three cent commemorative and could be used for the standard first class letter rate, although its primary audience was stamp collectors.  For an extra 50 cent surcharge, collectors could have their letters sent to the “Little America” temporary post office at the Antarctic base can to receive a special commemorative postmark.



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Byrd Antarctic Expedition Souvenir Sheet
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