Grand Canyon National Park Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1934

Grand Canyon National Park Stamp

Issued on July 24, 1934, the Grand Canyon National Park stamp features the famous canyon that is over a mile deep in some locations and extends 277 miles through Arizona.  Over millions of years the flow of the Colorado River has slowly eroded the riverbed in the Colorado plateau and has created the impressive canyon.

Spanish explorers “discovered” the Grand Canyon in 1540, although Native Americans had lived in the region for at least two thousand years prior to their arrival.  Although it was discovered during the 16th century, little exploration occurred for over 300 years as the area was remote and had little in the way of productive land.  This changed in the mid 1800s when a variety of expeditions traveled through the region.  In 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt visited the Grand Canyon in 1903 and was struck by its wild natural beauty.  He was instrumental in establishing the Grand Canyon Game Preserve in 1906.  In 1908 it was declared a national monument, and over the objections of mining interests it became a National Park in 1919.

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