Mesa Verde National Park Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1934

Mesa Verde National Park Stamp

The brown four cent Mesa Verde National Park stamp was issued on September 25, 1934 and portrays the famous Pueblo Native American cliff dwellings.  The park is located in Colorado near Four Corners and features many well preserved cliff dwellings that were built over 700 years ago.

Explorers frequently traveled through the area, but it was not until the middle 1800s that they discovered the cliff dwellings.  Their existence soon became known throughout the United States through photographs, magazine articles and books.  Artifact hunters, attracted by the ruins, began arriving in great numbers.  In their hunt for artifacts to sell, they caused extensive damage to the ruins and to prevent the cliff dwellings and surrounding areas were declared a National Park in 1906 and placed under the care and protection of the National Park Service.

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