Wisconsin Tercentenary Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1934

Wisconsin Tercentenary Stamp

The Wisconsin Tercentenary (300th anniversary) stamp was issued on July 7, 1934 to commemorate the discovery of Wisconsin by Europeans in 1634.  Jean Nicolet, an explorer from France that was searching for a sailing route to China, canoed through the Great Lakes and landed near what is now Green Bay.  Legend has it that since Nicolet was searching for China he arrived in Wisconsin in full Chinese regalia.  The design is based on a painting by Edward Deming and is based on this legend.

Although the French claimed the area, no permanent European settlements were established for centuries, although fur traders and trappers frequently passed through.  The region remained in French hands until the French and Indian war of 1763 when the British took over the territory.  After this, permanent settlements were established, although the economy was still based around the fur trade.  After the United States emerged victorious in the American Revolution, the territory passed to the newly formed country, although Britain remained the primary power in the sparsely occupied Wisconsin for many years.

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