Yosemite National Park Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1934

Yosemite National Park Stamp

The Yosemite National Park stamp was issued on July 16, 1934.  Yosemite National park is located in central California, about 300 miles inland from San Francisco.  It was first discovered in 1851 by The Mariposa Battalion while they were chasing a group of Native Americans that had been raiding the settlements of early pioneers in the region.  Dr. Lafayette Bunnell accompanied the Mariposa Battalion and later wrote a book, “The Discovery of Yosemite Valley” which was published in 1880.

Although Yellowstone was the first actual “National Park”, Yosemite was the first parcel of public land that was officially set aside for preservation and public use by the Yosemite Grant that President Abraham Lincoln signed in 1864.  It became a National Park in 1890 and President Theodore Roosevelt expanded the park in 1906.  When the National Park Service was formed in 1916 it took over administration of the almost 1,200 square mile park from the Department of the Interior.

The Yosemite stamp design features El Capitan, one of the best known Yosemite features.  El Capitan is a 3000 foot vertical rock formation and is popular with rock climbers, artists and photographers.

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