Connecticut Tercentenary Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1935

Connecticut Tercentenary / Charter Oaks Stamp

Issued on April 26, 1935, the Connecticut Tercentenary (300th Anniversary) stamp commemorates the founding of the Connecticut colony in 1635.  The Charter Oak is displayed on the front of the stamp.  This tree was considered sacred to the Native Americans and the colonists did not chop it down out of respect for their traditions.  In 1667, King James demanded that the colony surrender the charter that had been signed years before by King Charles II.  According to legend, movements before the charter was to be handed over to the King’s representative, all the lights were extinguished and the charter was quickly taken away and hidden in the Charter Oak (hence, it’s name).  The Charter Oak stood for many more years, but fell down during a storm in 1856.  The Charter Oak is still a part of history as the wood from the tree was used to make the Connecticut Governor’s desk and chairs for the State Senate President as well as the State Speaker of the House.

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