Michigan Centenary Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1935

Michigan Centenary Stamp

The Michigan Centenary stamp was issued on November 1, 1935 to commemorate Michigan’s constitutional convention in 1835 that led to statehood in 1837.

Although Michigan became the 26th State in 1837, the convention was held in 1835 and the state uses that date as the centennial.  Michigan was originally colonized by the French and although it was sparsely settled, the region was popular with hunters and trappers.  In 1763 the area was taken over by the British.  After the Revolutionary War, both Britain and the United States claimed parts of the territory and it was not until the War of 1812 that both countries agreed to the present boundaries.  It was not until the Erie Canal opened in 1825 that the population began to grow and within a decade the population was large enough to qualify for statehood.  In 1835 the citizens voted on a constitution and after a few minor border issues with Ohio were resolved, Michigan became the 26th State.

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