Printing in Colonial America Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1939

Printing in Colonial America Stamp

This stamp was issued on September 25, 1939 to commemorate the first printing press in Colonial America.

Commemorating the 300th anniversary of printing in America, this stamp features Stephen Day’s printing press, the first press used in the American Colonies.  Stephen Daye was a printer in England who emigrated to the Massachusetts Colony in 1639 and set up a printing press at Harvard College.  There is some debate amongst scholars as to the first printed document in America, but most agree that it was either “The Freeman’s Oath”, a broadsheet (similar to a newspaper page) or William Pierce’s Almanac.  Both were printed by Daye’s press, so either way his press was the first in America.  A year later, the first actual book was published in America, the “Bay Psalm Book” by Daye on the same press.

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