Battle of Corregidor Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1944

Battle of Corregidor Stamp

Issued on September 27, 1944, the Battle of Corregidor stamp commemorated the 1941 / 1942 defense of the island of Corregidor in the Philippines.

The Battle of Corregidor, although eventually lost, was important in holding back the Japanese in the Pacific and instrumental in preventing a planned invasion of Australia. Corregidor was a massively fortified island that protected Manila Bay. Heavily defended with bunkers, tunnels, artillery and antiaircraft guns, the island was also home to General McArthur's headquarters.

The island was initially attacked at the end of 1941 with aerial bombardments that were followed by constant shelling of the island by the Japanese navy and air force.  Artillery fire also rained down on the island from the mainland that had already been captured by the Japanese.  After over four months of these attacks, the Japanese army landed on the island.  Although intense battles raged, Corregidor was captured when General Wainwright surrendered to the invading Japanese forces.

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