Battle of Brooklyn Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1951

Battle of Brooklyn: 175th Anniversary Stamp

The Battle of Brooklyn stamp was issued in Brooklyn, NY on December 10, 1951. The last stamp issued that year it shows General George Washington evacuating his troops from the city.

The Battle of Brooklyn is considered by most historians to be the first major battle of the American Revolutionary War.  It occurred on August 27, 1776 when General George Washington moved the Continental army to defend New York against the invading British army of 32, 000 soldiers.  The continental army was forced to retreat to Brooklyn Heights where they took up defensive positions.  The British army assumed that they would need to conduct a siege to dislodge the Continental army, but Washington was able to move his entire army to Manhattan under cover of the night, unseen by the British.  The next day additional battles were fought and the Continental Army was eventually forced to retreat to Pennsylvania.

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