Colorado Statehood Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1951

Colorado Statehood: 75th Anniversary Stamp

The Colorado statehood stamp commemorates Colorado's entry into the United States in 1876 and was released on August 1, 1951 in Minturn, CO.

The State of Colorado was carved out of parts of three United States Territories, The Utah Territory, the Kansas Territory and the Nebraska Territory.  In 1858 gold was found in the Colorado region.  Settlers and prospectors who moved to the area proposed that a new State named Jefferson be created.  However, due to conflicts over slavery, this did not occur.

In 1861, Kansas was admitted as a State and the Colorado as a territory (both were non-slave regions).  The Civil War began soon after and although Colorado was not heavily involved in the war, an armed force of volunteers from the Colorado Territory defeated a cavalry force from Texas that was on its way to attack California and Colorado.

New gold and silver strikes were made in the Colorado Territory, bringing more settlers.  In 1876 a second attempt was made to create a State, and the State of Colorado was established.  Colorado is known as the Centennial State as it joined the Union 100 years after the Declaration of Independence and the founding of the United States.

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