Nevada: First Settlement Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1951

Nevada's First Settlement: 100th Anniversary

Commemorating the first United States settlement in Nevada and issued on July 14, 1951 at Genoa, NV, this stamp had a print run of 112 million. The design shows Carson Valley, Nevada.

This stamp commemorates the centennial of the Nevada’s first settlement in 1851 when John Reese lead the construction of a trading post.  Most of the settlers were Mormons from Utah, and the settlement became known as Mormon Station.  Over time, more people moved to the area and Mormon station grew.  During this period, many of the original Mormon settlers moved back to Utah and non-Mormons arrived.  In 1955 Mormon Station’s name was changed to Genoa, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. 

The town of Genoa grew for a number of years as a leading agriculture and commercial hub.  In 1910 a large part of the town was destroyed in a fire.  The fire destroyed the business district along with a number of historical buildings and homes.  The town of Genoa still remains to this day and has approximately 225 residents.

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