Confederate Veterans Reunion Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1951

United Confederate Veterans: Final Reunion Stamp

The United Confederate Veterans Final Reunion stamp was issued on May 30, 1951 in Norfolk, Virginia commemorating the final reunion that was held at the that location at the same date.

The Civil War ended in 1865.  After the war Confederate soldiers formed a number of organizations that were designed to assist disabled Confederate soldiers, provide for their families and to preserve the history of the southern Confederacy.  In 1889 many of these organizations came together to form a national organization called the United Confederate Veterans.

Over the years many reunions of Confederate veterans took place, sponsored by the United Confederate Veterans.  Initially the organization included over 150,000 members, but as time passed, fewer veterans of the civil war remained.  By 1951, 86 years after the war ended only a few elderly veterans who had participated in the Civil War in their teens remained.  This stamp honors the final reunion of the United Confederate Veterans that occurred in 1951.  A similar stamp honoring Union Veterans was issued in 1949.

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