Land Grant Colleges Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1955

Land Grant Colleges Stamp

Land Grant Colleges StampThe Land Grant College stamp was issued in East Lansing, MI on February 12, 1955 and features symbols representing the subjects such as engineering, agriculture and mining that were taught at these colleges.

The stamp commemorates the 100th anniversary of the first Land Grant College, the Agricultural College of Michigan (now known as Michigan State University).  Michigan granted 14,000 acres to develop a college that would focus on more practical subjects such as farming and industry, rather than the “classical” subjects that were more popular at the time.  The same year the Farmer's High School o Pennsylvania (now Pennsylvania State University) founded by a similar land grant.

As the industrial revolution grew in the United States, the government realized the need for “practical” education.  In 1862 congress passed the Morrill Act that granted Federal lands to colleges and other educational institutions that would teach students topics such as science, engineering and agriculture.  The Land Grant program was very successful and many of today's top colleges and universities were founded under the Land Grant program.

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