Rotary Club International Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1955

Rotary Club International Stamp

Rotary Club International StampThe Rotary International stamp was issued on February 23, in Chicago, IL to commemorate the 50th anniversary the founding of Rotary Club (the predecessor to Rotary International).

One of the leading service organizations in the United States and the world, Rotary International has over 32,000 chapters and over one million members.  Since the founding of the organization just after the turn of the century, Rotary International's charity fund raising programs have raised billions of dollars for various charities, including over half a billion to help eliminate polio.

The Rotary International stamp was issued to commemorate the founding of the Rotary club 1905.  The Rotary club was created when four Chicago businessmen decided to form a service club.  The somewhat unusual name of the club came about since the original members “rotated” their meeting place.  The club rapidly became popular and more members joined.  Soon, it was not feasible to rotate their meetings and regular meeting places were established, but the name “Rotary Club” (later to become Rotary International) stayed with the organization.

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