Soo Locks Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1955

Soo Locks Stamp

Soo Locks StampThis stamp was issued on June 28, 1955 at the Sault Sainte Marie, MI to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Soo Locks.  The Soo Locks Centennial Exposition also began on this date.

The Soo locks were constructed to connect Lake Superior and the lower Great Lakes.  Prior to their completion in 1855, the only connection between the two lakes was St. Mary’s River rapids which connected Lake Superior and Lake Huron by a passage that dropped over 20 feet over its length.  The Soo Locks are 740 feet long and are still being used today, although they have been upgraded multiple times over the decades.

Although the Soo Locks are the famous connector between the lakes, a much smaller version was built in 1797 by the Northwest Fur Company.  These locks were only 38 feet long and only small boats could pass through them.  This early passage was used for 15 years until it was destroyed during the War of 1812.

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