Johnny Appleseed Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1966

Johnny Appleseed Stamp

The first stamp in the American Folklore Series, the Johnny Appleseed stamp, was issued on September 24, 1966 to commemorate the legendary character of the same name.

Johnny Appleseed’s real name was John Chapman who was born in Massachusetts in 1774.  As a youth he was apprenticed to a farmer that owned apple orchards.  When Chapman was in his twenties, he began traveling throughout the country setting up apple orchards for farmers.  The farmers would sell the trees and fruit and Chapman would return every year or two to collect his share of the profits.  This is the source of his legendary nickname.

Although Johnny Appleseed was instrumental in spreading apple orchards throughout the country, he also was a vegetarian and preached non-violence as he traveled.  He was not destitute, but chose to live a frugal life and usually wore worn out and discarded clothes.  He was a unique and memorable character as he traveled through the States.  After his death, his legend continued to grow and factual stories were embellished over time and added to the folklore surrounding Johnny Appleseed.

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