Polish Millennium Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1966

Polish Millennium Stamp

This stamp was issued on July 30, 1966 to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the establishment of Poland as a country.

During the mid seventeenth century, Poland was one of the most successful countries in Europe.  However, Poland’s influence declined as neighboring countries repeatedly invaded the country and its population was decimated by starvation and disease.  By the end of the seventeenth century Poland had disappeared as a country and its territory was divided between Russia, Austria and Prussia.  Over the next century Poland reappeared as a territory, but was ruled by Russia and France.

In 1919, following World War I, Poland again became an independent country.  It remained independent for two decades although wars were fought with Russia during that period.  Poland’s independence again ended in 1939 when Germany invaded from the west and Russia invaded from the east.  Poland’s territory was split between the two countries.  After World War II, Poland was occupied by the Soviet Union.  The occupation lasted for over forty years until the USSR collapsed in 1989.  Since that time, Poland has become a democracy, joined the European Union and has become an economic powerhouse.

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